Tactical Go Multi-caliber Cleaning Kit

Tactical Go Multi-caliber Cleaning Kit

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MULTI CALIBER Pistol Cleaning Kit!

Covers 9mm Luger, .380ACP, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 40 S&W, 45 ACP and 45 Colt calibers. The handle features a rotating attachment point for the rod, which allows the rod to rotate and follow the rifling in your barrel. All the components are packed in a convenient plastic carrying case.

(3)bronze brushes
(3)brass jags
(1)slotted patch holder
(1)cleaning rod handle
(1)rod centering guide
(1)bottle of gun oil
(2)brass cleaning rods: 5 ½” rod and 2” extension

* Use "357" for 9mm, 380, .38SPL.
a) One (1) copy notarized LTOPF Application Form with 2x2 I.D. Photo (white background);
b) Local Police Clearance / National Police Clearance
c) Drug Test Clearance from PNP Crime Lab;
d) Neuro-Psychiatric Clearance from PNP Health Service;
e) Birth Certificate/Passport;
f) Proof of Billing or Barangay Clearance;
h) Validated Cert. of Gun Safety and Responsible Ownership Seminar
g) Proof of Income
• Private Individuals (Income Tax Return or Certificate of Employment)
• Government Employees (Appointment Order or Payslip/Oath of Office)
• Law Enforcement Agency Employee (Appointment Order or Payslip)