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SKU: 2555

The Taskmaster series, featuring multi-purpose saws and shears, were skillfully designed and crafted to excellence by Kershaw. This tool series is completely handy and sturdy, making the perfect companions on camping or hunting trips. Compact and tough enough to take on sizable objects, the Taskmaster tools are awesome for various tasks and projects. Cut overgrown bushes, underbrush, dead tree limbs or prune using either the saw or shears. The Taskmaster tools are made of durable, reliable high carbon tool steel and the textured handles feature rubber overmolding for secure, non-slip grip.

Secure Locking System

Secure Locking System

At the press of a button, the oversized pivot deploys and disengages the Push Button Lock. A spring mechanism is under tension constantly and blocks the butt end of the blade to prevent accidental closure. For smooth and secure action, the spring-loaded lock is built into one side of the handle and is used to safely deploy the blade upon button activation.

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