OLIGHT PL-2RL Baldr, Black
OLIGHT PL-2RL Baldr, Black
OLIGHT PL-2RL Baldr, Black
OLIGHT PL-2RL Baldr, Black

OLIGHT PL-2RL Baldr, Black

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  • PL-2RL Baldr is the much-anticipated red beam version of the groundbreaking 1,200 lumen PL-2 Valkyrie. It is powered by two CR123A batteries.
  • It utilizes a CW LED to deliver one of the most intense outputs with a 235-meter-long focused beam that still is wide enough to see all around you for greater visibility.
  • The beam can be adjusted with an included tool to perfectly zero with your firearm.Use the included hex wrench to rotate the adjustment screw hole either underneath or on the side of the flashlight to calibrate the vertical or horizontal angle of the red beam, and finally sight in to the gun barrel for accurate shooting.
  • Three light settings available: You can choose from LED light Only, Red Beam only, and LED/ Red Beam combined by flipping the rotating switch underneath the flashlight.
  • With an alternative less blinding 400-lumen output, combining the ambidextrous switch for more natural activation under high stress, and a 1-second quick mount/detach system, this new PL-2RL with beam is outstanding in coping with professional tactical situations.
a) One (1) copy notarized LTOPF Application Form with 2x2 I.D. Photo (white background);
b) Local Police Clearance / National Police Clearance
c) Drug Test Clearance from PNP Crime Lab;
d) Neuro-Psychiatric Clearance from PNP Health Service;
e) Birth Certificate/Passport;
f) Proof of Billing or Barangay Clearance;
h) Validated Cert. of Gun Safety and Responsible Ownership Seminar
g) Proof of Income
• Private Individuals (Income Tax Return or Certificate of Employment)
• Government Employees (Appointment Order or Payslip/Oath of Office)
• Law Enforcement Agency Employee (Appointment Order or Payslip)