Raptor TB-911 Tool Box
Raptor TB-911 Tool Box

Raptor TB-911 Tool Box

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  • Container    RIFLE  50 round
  • Size:    343*195*140mm  (13.5“*7.7“*5.5“)
  • Material    IP65
  • Color:    Customized
  • Material:    TSU-19 Resin
  • Warranty    Lifetime
  • Function:    Waterproof IP 67, shockproof and durable
a) One (1) copy notarized LTOPF Application Form with 2x2 I.D. Photo (white background);
b) Local Police Clearance / National Police Clearance
c) Drug Test Clearance from PNP Crime Lab;
d) Neuro-Psychiatric Clearance from PNP Health Service;
e) Birth Certificate/Passport;
f) Proof of Billing or Barangay Clearance;
h) Validated Cert. of Gun Safety and Responsible Ownership Seminar
g) Proof of Income
• Private Individuals (Income Tax Return or Certificate of Employment)
• Government Employees (Appointment Order or Payslip/Oath of Office)
• Law Enforcement Agency Employee (Appointment Order or Payslip)