Zero Tolerance 0562ORBLK Hinderer Slicer

Zero Tolerance 0562ORBLK Hinderer Slicer

Regular price ₱15,600.00

Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer teamed up to build the sprint run 0562ORBLK with its exclusive Hinderer "slicer" grind and orange "see me" G-10 front scale.

The CTS-204P fine-grained steel blade offers a tough, wear and corrosion resistant steel ready for hard-duty. It provides a sharper, longer lasting edge. Zero Tolerance sharpens it to a hair popping edge and the CTS-204P ensures it holds that edge for a long time, even under hard use.

The knife opens with a flipper and moves out of the handle on our smooth KVT ball-bearing opening system. A washer with caged ball bearings surrounds the pivot and makes opening the knife nearly frictionless; just pull back on the flipper and add a roll of the wrist and the 0562 is ready for action.

The handle has a G-10 textured scale in front and a stonewashed titanium back. For secure lock up during use, ZT uses a frame lock with hardened steel lockbar inserts and lockbar stabilization so the lock won't overextend. The unique pocketclip is reversible (left/right) and enables extra-deep carry in the pocket.